Tool to Speed Up Android Tablet

Is your Android Tablet running slowly? Is your Android tablet taking too much time to boot? Do not you know reason that is slowing your Android Tablet speed?

In this technology word every users wish to have better speed in their electronic gadgets such as tablets, Smartphone, etc. Suppose if your device is running slow then it is most irritating thing to you and is not regrettable for longer time. Stop worrying and continue reading to know best solution to boost Android tablet quickly.

Tips to boost Android tablet, they are

Remove unwanted application:  installing many android applications on tablet device they utilizes more RAM memory of your device and causes other operations to run slowly. Hence, remove application you do not use often.

Free memory space: Whenever you install or run an application on your device, some junk files may create and they utilize device memory for permanently. Hence remove all junk and internet temporary files from device thus it increases your tablet speed because speed of device is directly dependent on free space available on device.

Remove widgets: Utilize only the widgets you really need, and decrease or reduce resource-tapping animations in wallpaper and menus. To remove superfluous home screen widgets, press and hold the widget to choose it and drag it to the Trash. To turn animated menus into static menus, open your “settings” and tap “Display”, tap “Animations” and tap “No Animations”.

In addition to that, disable GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you do not require them. When you are not using these built-in features, they continue to utilize battery power to find for a connection. Android’s Power Control widget lets you quickly enable or disable these functions.

Thus by performing all these instructions, you can easily boost Android tablet. However, this is time consuming process and unable to do all the time. Hence, by making use of third party application like Remo MORE is more reliable application to boost Android tablet in one click.  This application comes handy to boost any android device including Windows, Mac, iOS devices too.

Remo MORE application is more user friendly in nature that allows all users to boost their device easily in one click. This application prompts users to remove unwanted applications and displays features that are unnecessarily consuming power. Finally, boost your Android device by fixing all issues with it.

 Other features of Remo MORE

  • Quickly and safely boosts your Android tablet
  • Enhance your device performance by fixing all issues
  • Offers free technical consultation for all users who wish to get assistance
  • Application is available for free of cost

Guidelines to boost Android tablet using Remo MORE application

  • Download and install Remo MORE suite on Android tablet successfully
  • Select Enhance option from main screen and then select “one click maintenance” option
  • Application starts scanning your device and once it is done successfully displays a detailed report of issues that should be fixed to enhance speed of Android tablet.
  • To fix all issues click on “Fix Issues” and finally, click “OK” button to complete process

Flash Drive Free Space Eraser

Flash Drive is one of portable mass storage device wherein you can store any kind of data such as audio, video, documents, pictures and etc. Most of the users use this device for data portability, to keep backup of data and transferring data from one system to other. However, normally we share your flash drive with friends, colleagues and other third person. They might recover your data from flash drive which you have given to them even though you gave flash drive by erasing all data present in it. Now a question may arise in your mind that how is it possible to recover data even after formatting or deleting data from flash drive. Definitely one can easily restore data with the assistance of third party data recovery software. Actually when you format flash drive, data is stored in it will not vanish permanently instead stores in flash drive memory only but data will be in hidden format and you cannot able to access them directly since its accessing pointer address has been removed from table entry. Thus, by making use of data recovery tool one can easily hack your data. Hence, in order to erase data permanently you have to make use of third party application like Remo MORE.

This application has capable to erase all data permanently beyond recovery. In addition, it erases flash drive free space along with sensitive data stored in it. Application utilizes nine sanitization methods to erase data or free space from any storage devices. Initially applications scan your flash drive in deep and locates all deleted data, free space, sensitive data, stored data and finally overwrites those data two or more times with 0’s and 1’s. Thus no other third person is unable to theft your data from flash drive. Moreover, this application comes handy for users who think how to wipe free space on flash drive beyond recovery with great ease.

Remo MORE application also erases data from different storage devices such as hard disk, external hard disk, Pen drive, memory cards, etc and supports various versions of Windows Operating system such Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and many more.

More about Remo MORE application

  • User friendly in nature
  • Application is available free of cost
  • Supports multiple operating system such as Android, Mac, iOS, Windows
  • Offers free technical support via email and live chat services for 24*7 hours

Supported Data Shredding Patterns

  • Fast Zero Overwrite
  • Random Overwrite
  • DOD Standard 5220.22.M
  • NATO standard
  • VSITR standard
  • DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD
  • Peter Gutmann Method
  • DoD 5220.22-M + Peter Gutmann Method

Guidelines to wipe free space on flash drive using Remo MORE application:

Step1: First download Remo More utility and launch on your system. Before initializing application connect your flash drive to that system.

Step2: Initialize the utility and choose “Optimize” option from the main screen

Step3: From second screen choose “Free Space Wipe” option and choose your flash drive and then choose the specified wiping method

Step4: Verify that you wish to delete the free space on your flash drive permanently in the next window to initialize wiping process

Step5: Once wiping process  gets completed you will get a message

Easiest Way to Delete Duplicate Files

Are you running out memory space due to accumulation of duplicate files? Is your hard disk consists of more number of duplicate file? Have you fed up with searching and deleting them?

Sometimes user saves same file in different locations of hard disk due to this the amount of hard disk space is wasted simply. In addition, sometimes you do not find space to store other files in a specific drive. You can delete duplicate files easily in a folder by manual process but if you have more number of duplicate files in different locations of hard disk then it is difficult to find them and even it requires too much time to do it. Instead of deleting duplicate files manually, get assistance from third party application like Remo MORE suite. It is one of the robust and effective applications to find and delete duplicate files in system’s hard disk. This application is designed in such way to scan your hard disk in deep and locates all duplicates files found in it and later displays in screen and instruct you to delete them.

Keeping duplicate files in a large amount that eventually decreases performances of your system. Because system performance depends upon processor speed, hard disk free space and ram memory, etc.  Suppose when your system is running out ram memory to run some process then operating system creates virtual memory to run that process. Virtual memory created using hard disk memory. Hence, delete duplicate files from hard disk regularly and is a good practice to maintain your system’s performance optimum. You can furnish this task by utilizing Remo MORE suite that is freely available to all users. It deletes duplicate files such as pictures, audio, documents, etc from various devices and deletes them in a couple of minutes.

Additional advantage: This application can removes duplicate files from various storage devices such as hard disk, external hard disk, memory card, pen drive, etc.

Guidelines to delete duplicate files using Remo MORE

  • Download Remo MORE application and install on your system successfully
  • Launch it and start the process by choosing “Optimize” option from main screen
  • Select “Remove Duplicates” from next screen and next click on “Find Duplicate Folder” to detect replica files from a folder and click on “Proceed” button
  • Once scanning process is completed a detailed report of duplicate files displays. Select the files and delete them.

Why should I opt for Remo MORE only?

  • User-friendly application: This application has effective look and feel nature, which helps all users to navigate the application easily. Moreover, each step has description that tells user what options to choose and what to do it. Using this application one can easily delete all duplicated file files from their device in a couple of minutes.
  • Provides free tech support: When user fails to install the application properly or operate this application properly, then you can contact tech support team at any time via email and live chat services.
  • Read only application: Application is designed to perform specific operations such as MORE i.e. Managing, Recovering, Optimizing and Enhancing you device only but do not damage. In addition, this application is free from virus, malware and spyware attacks since it is protected by AVG antivirus application. Hence keeps your device and its data intact.
  • Supports multiple platforms: This application is designed to work on platform independently and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. It works efficiently on systems, laptops, iPods, iPad, Tablets, Smartphone, etc.

How to Increase Browsing Speed in Android Phone?

I am using one of the newly released Android phones for a few weeks. Everything is fine with the phone except the internet browsing speed. When I contacted the service center they said it’s not the phones fault. So I upgraded to a good internet plan for accessing the internet. The internet speed in my Android phone is sluggish even after that. My friends suggested me to optimize the Android phone for internet browsing. I am a non voice user please suggest me how to increase browsing speed in Android phone?

From the queries and statements that was mentioned above clearly states your knowledge in Android phones. Never worry a lot your Android phone can be easily tuned and the internet speed can be easily increased. Just read this post completely to get an in-depth knowledge on how to increase browsing speed in android phones. Before knowing the solution we need to know the root cause for the problems. There are several reasons are there that can hurt your Android phones while browsing the internet and degrading the internet speed. Here are some of the reasons that commonly degrade the internet speed in Android phones.

  • Too much of unwanted junk files that sends and receive data packets through internet
  • Dumped temporary files also can block the Android phones internet speed
  • Uncleared browser cache files also one of major causes for slower internet in Android phones
  • Using the internet with faulty system settings can also degrade the browsing speed
  • Unwanted Android application eating up the packet data

These are some of the common root causes that affect the Android internet speed commonly. If these problems are fixed maximum percent of the internet speed can be reached. Doing all those tunings in manual method is risky and if we miss out anything it will be a total mess. So it’s always a better choice to use any Android application to optimize the Android phones.

Remo MORE is one of the Android that is packed with all the necessary stuffs to increase browsing speed in Android phones. This application is stuffed with a powerful mechanism that speeds up the internet in your Android phone without causing any damage to your Android phone’s application. This Android internet speeding up process can be done in very few touches. All you need to do is to just follow the instruction provided here.

  • Install the Remo MORE application from the Android play store or any other Android application markets
  • Choose the “Enhance” button on the main screen. It will take you to a new screen
  • In the next screen an option called “Enhancements & Recommendations”. Hit your finger on that
  • Now the application will scan your Android phone completely and lists out all the possibilities that increases your Android browsing speed
  • After that proceeding as per instructed will keep up your Android browsing speed

Using this Android advanced internet speed booster anyone can increase their internet speed running in any Android version including the latest KitKat version.

High Performance Software to Fix Slow Computer

Slow computer performance is a menace in my computer, any possible way to fix this issue?

Whenever computer gets slow down, a user may always ask for the same question. What if the user is not getting any proper solution, then he will have to face the same problem again and again. To avoid such a situation user should opt for third party application software, by reading further user will get to know the proper solution and the reason behind this slowdown.

Possible reasons for system slow down:

One of the most common reasons for computer getting slow is due to abundance of the document history. If the user forgets to clear this historical item in the computer, then a slower computer may be experienced as a result. Another portion of the computer which should be kept in mind is the recycle bin. Recycle bin keeps all the files which get deleted by the user. There is a limit up to which recycle bin stores the computer files. If the recycle bin touches this level then computer may work slowly. A computer may also get slow due to number of applications being installed and kept on the desktop of the computer. This can seriously lead to slow computer performance and also the booting time taken by the computer.

The proper solution:

As told earlier computer can be made faster by using third party application software but the user should take proper care while choosing software. One of the best software to fix slow computers is Remo MORE. Using this software, user satisfaction is guaranteed and the user can experience faster computer by using this software.

Additional features:

Remo MORE is meant for all the issues related to slowdown of computers and is very promising software to fix slow computer. This software essentially deletes all the unwanted registry entries and it hardly takes few minutes of duration for the task to be done. In this way the hard disk space is optimized for faster performance. One of the most appreciable features of this software is the graphical user interface which is used in it which makes the user to understand the usage of the software in a very convenient manner. Remo MORE is software which supports Windows and Mac computers.

Steps to fix slow computer:

  • Download and install this small sized software which takes few megabytes of the memory space.
  • Launch the software and choose “Enhance” out of the four fundamental options provided.
  • Click on “One Click Maintenance” option.
  • Select “Fix Issues” after scanning is completed and it will show “Cleaning Junk Files” and user should wait during this time before computer starts performing faster.

Some tips:

User should sometimes check recycle bin folder and delete those files which seem to be unwanted from future perspective. Moreover reducing number of applications from the desktop of computer can help to make the computer run faster.

Must have Software to Password Protect a Folder

Ever felt the requirement to safeguard folders?

If yes, then it should be understood that it is in actual possible to lock the folder using password, just like a briefcase which can be locked using three digit numeral codes. But in safeguarding a folder you can use combination of numbers, letters and characters up to ten digits. If you are a Windows computer user, then it should be kept in mind that there are in actual numerous steps by following which you can ensure yourself about the safeguarding of your folders. By following these steps, it may take a large duration of time and even you may get confused which steps still are left to be followed and which one have been followed.

Precautions that should be followed:

Always use an easy to remember password even if the password turns out to be lengthy. Make copy of your password string in any form electronic or in personal diaries. This can be very helpful if the user forgets the password. Never enter wrong password again and again. If wrong password is entered for five consecutive times, it can block your folder from visibility for few minutes of duration. If such problem remains try recollecting the password from backed up saved password.

There are easier procedures too!

An easier procedure is to use third party applications which can be very much helpful to reduce the number of steps to safely password protect the folder in your computer. Remo MORE is one of the best software available in the market to perform the operation of password protected folder.

Best software:

Remo MORE is software meant for those users who often need to protect their folder from second party misusage. This software uses algorithm which double safeguards the folder. An easy to follow steps regarding the password protection of the folder, thanks to awesome graphical user interface used in this software which makes even a first time user understand how to password protect a folder in a rapid manner. This software is single packaged software enabling the user to safeguard the folder with password and also features other popular desktop utility packages. Remo MORE can be used in various platforms like Windows, Mac and Android free of cost.

Various reasons for password protection:

A user would be sharing computer with few other people and may not want to share a particular folder with them. It can happen that the user is using the computer for confidential purpose and may have stored important details regarding a patented work. Such a important information should never be shared with general public.

Simple steps to password protect a folder:

  • Download and install Remo MORE.
  • Launch the software and select “Manage” out of the four basic options. Then choose “File Protector” out of the number of options sown on screen.
  • Select “File Folder Locker” and it will ask for a master password. Enter it.
  • Select all those folders which you want to password protect.

Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

Photos Duplication – one of the highly disaster word that fears the data storage industry now and then. Not only in the data has storage industry that suffers from these kind of issued now and then, the media industry that employs and deals with such large amount of data normally faces the duplication of data related problems. On tracing the root cause for these continuous file duplication problems researchers listed several situations for duplication of files like photos, videos etc. The top leads are listed below

  • Unintentional copy pasting of photo files with in the same folder
  • Unintentional copy pasting of photos among different folders
  • Copy pasting of photos in various drives and  partitions
  • Backing up photos repeatedly on same locations and different locations for safety purpose
  • Photo duplication created by shared account users

Whatever the reasons may be for photo duplication the final glitch will be to the user’s data storage. So the responsibility also lies within us to find and delete duplicate photos. If we keep on increasing the duplicate photos in the PC storage then definitely it’s a huge storage space loss for the user at any cost. So it has to be ridden now and then. The best possible way to find and delete duplicate photos is by making use of a well deserved software because manual options are not reliable and end in vain at times. These vain can be neglected and the data storage of the PC will be safe if the recommended software given here is used. The so called software named Remo MORE is one of the leading pioneers in finding and eradicating duplicate photos in both Windows and Mac operating system.

The internal algorithm used for finding duplicate photos works extraordinarily to pull out all type of photo files. This extraction of the photo files can be categorized based on several attributes such as name, photo size, created date etc. This Remo MORE software also gives sophisticated options to the users to delete the found duplicate photos temporarily and permanently. Based on the need the user can switch. There are several other advantages as well in using Remo MORE software and they are listed below.

  • Easy to install the software in both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Totally available for free of cost
  • Supports high resolution photos with extensions like .tiff, RAW, ORF etc.
  • Duplicate photos from all storage drives and partitions are traced and deleted
  • This software can trace for duplicate photos even across different storage drives such as the Pendrive and memory cards
  • Application available for all possible platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, ios etc.

Remo MORE software offers a much friendly user interface to grab the user’s attention in all possible aspects. So learning and getting used with the project won’t be a such complicated one. If you are a naïve user want to know How to find and delete duplicate photos? Then proceed with the steps provided below.

  • Download the software from the main site and install it
  • Select “Optimize” in main screen
  • Choose “Remove Duplicates
  • Select “Find Duplicate Drive” or “Find duplicate folder
  • Hit “scan” to find duplicate photos
  • Now all the duplicate photos will be listed
  • Now delete the photos either temporarily or permanently using the provided options


Before deleting the photos permanently think twice because once the delete permanently option is chosen then at any cost you will not be able to recover the deleted photos even with a well deserved recovery software.

Perfect software to clean all Duplicate Files for Free

A crowded hard drive would reduce your hard drive speed as there would be no sufficient space for OS to run smoothly. This would even stop you from enjoying the full functionalities of your favorite applications. One of the main reasons for this is the presence of duplicate files. As your hard drive becomes old it tends to have numerous duplicate files. One other drawback of these duplicate files is that it creates confusion while accessing or uploading any the files.

How these duplicate files get created?

  • You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet
  • Taking backups more than you had intended will also result in duplicate files
  • Duplicate files could be created even when the files are renamed or when files are used in another context
  • Executing and installing a certain program many times will also cause duplicate files

Duplicate files are usually waste and keeping them on the hard drive is merely a waste of your valuable hard disk space. Thus, it is recommended to get rid of these duplicate files. How can this be done? It can’t even be done manually, since your hard drive is filled with numerous files. Finding and removing all duplicate files is really a tedious process. Hence, you need a perfect duplicate file cleaner to remove such duplicate files.

In case you are in such circumstances and looking for a tool to clean the duplicate files, then you can make use of a Remo MORE utility. It is a powerful tool that lets you remove all duplicate files in just few minutes.

Features of Remo MORE

Remo MORE is a free suite that can easily find and delete all duplicate files from the hard drive. It deeply scans your entire drive repeatedly to find all the duplicate files and deletes them completely. Using this tool you can actually delete duplicate files in a particular folder or can remove duplicate files from entire drive at once.

  • Capable of deleting the duplicate files from hard drives of any type like SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD etc.
  • Can easily delete duplicate files of any type including photos, videos, documents, PowerPoint files, songs and many more
  • Searches for the duplicate files based on the file name, size, location, signature and other attributes of files
  • Not just hard drive, the app could even be used on external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, and other USB Flash drives
  • Possesses highly interactive and a self-Explanatory GUI that helps even the non-technical person to use this tool comfortably
  • Compatible on all versions of both Windows and Mac machines

Moreover, before deleting the files; you can choose whether to send the files to the recycle bin or to delete them permanently. Isn’t it brilliant? Thus, Remo MORE is an ultimate tool in removing the duplicate files and enhancing the memory space on the device.

Procedure for cleaning the duplicate files

  • Download and install Remo MORE on any of your Windows or Mac systems
  • Launch the tool and from the main screen choose “Optimize” option
  • In the consecutive screen select “Remove Duplicates” option
  • Then, you will be displayed with two options “Find Duplicate – Drive” and “Find Duplicate – Folder”, select the one that is needed
  • Now, the tool will list all the duplicate files
  • After which you will have to delete them either by selecting “Delete Permanently” option or “Send to Recycle Bin” option


Unique Way to Bring Back Deleted Files from Android Phone

Android phones are the newest class of phones in the market to make a wade in the mobile phone market. These devices are totally based on the Linux operating system and are popularly stated as smart phones. It is very common nowadays to have a stylish smart android phones. In addition, the kind of interface and ease they suggest is extremely amazing and smooth. They provide good flexibility and extensive user interface to navigate all over the screen. Sometimes what happens is you take large amount of pictures on your android phones and there are times when you go forward and delete because the pictures were not good in quality type.

You might have your own reasons for deleting or formatting the pictures from your phone. Fine, if this is the trouble you are facing right now then you need not panic about it as you can definitely bring back deleted image files using our android software.

Here I am going to list few scenarios where you might face files loss from android phone:

Human error: Accidentally you would have deleted important photos or videos while deleting the unwanted files to free space on your memory card. When you connect the memory card of your phone to the system and deleted crucial file using hard deletion method. Further reason is that you would have clicked accidentally on reset option in the phone where all you photos got deleted. In order to restore deleted files on android you need to have a powerful recovery tool.

Ejecting the android memory card: Suppose you are transferring photos or other media files to the system because of system malfunctioning or other reason than you may eject the memory card and try again to connect the memory card to your computer system, but  you found that all your photos are deleted and lost from the memory card.

Formatted your android Phone:  Sometimes you cannot access files from your own android phone that phone displays error message and you are unable to go further then you are left with an only option of formatting. However, if you do not have the proper backup of files you may lose all your files from phone.

Antivirus Software: Suppose you have connected your memory card to the computer system, the antivirus software may scan your memory card for virus check before opening your memory card. This may remove the virus but sometime it may delete essential files in memory card.

Virus Infection: When you connect to android phone through a virus-infected system then it may corrupt your phone. When you download or transfer the files from internet there may be chances of phone or memory card corruption. If memory gets corrupted then sometimes it may lead to ample amount of data loss to you.

In addition to these scenarios,  there are many other reasons in which you may lose the data from your android phone.

This utility is a powerful application built keeping android phone in mind. This tool strongly scans both internal and external phone memory of the device and helps to identify and recover the files. Beside with lost or deleted files, you can also recover android application package files. This software supports file recovery from various android devices like HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Acer etc. By using this tool, you can get back various types of files like images, audio files, videos, movies etc. It arises with save recovery session feature, which helps to avoid rescanning of files. The screening option helps you to view all your recovered files before recovering them. This tool’s attractive user interface does not require any technical expert to recover files from android phone.

You can download the trial version of this software after that you should connect your android phone to your computer through data cable. As soon as you run the application, you will see two options select any one of them you need. Now you will see a list of found files then select the files you want to recover. When you fulfilled with efficiency of file this recovery tool then you can order the full edition of this tool and save the recovered files.

Simple Method for lost data recovery software

Do you want to recover lost data? Are you scared that some important documents, files will lose forever? Then what, if I told you that there is a way to recover lost data with no trouble? What you need is specific software that can pathway it down. Everyone has phased losing important data and feels very bad and scared after realizing it. Do not get panic. Here is a point that you must know deleted files actually, they have not deleted. They are not actually lost; they are still present in your hard disk. Even though if you had reformat your hard disk, still it is possible to recover files. Suppose if you delete a file, it evaporates from folder but still it lies in your drive and there are several pointers that may followed by lost data recovery software to locate and restore the files.

Here are some common reasons for data lost you may come across:

  • Virus/Malware Attack:  It is one of the most frequently factor responsible for various to your computer hard drive. Some files over the internet come with hazardous if you will store on your hard disk partition. While the data movements there are fair, chances of virus being intrude into partition. These nasty programs may also transmit to your hard drive from other different storage devices like memory card, USB drive, etc. The virus makes the data inaccessible by overwriting areas of raw disk with garbage data. If you are unlucky, these viruses damage the file system of your hard disk partition. Nowadays virus program were developing to damage the Master Boot Record (MBR), which stores the statistics of partition table & boot code required for the booting of your computer system.
  • Formatting of hard drive: Intensively if you format the hard drive. Sometimes, you may delete the entire drive partition then it may lead to loss of data. Suppose you were working on your system then you will find that it is not working powerfully and then you may decide to format it. The formatting means you need to re install the OS and after format, you will restart your computer then data stored will delete due to formatting. After formatting system, you will come to know that you do not have back up your data to restore the system. In this circumstance, you must have recovery tool in order to get back data.
  • Changing file system: If a file system has changed then it will effect to data loss. Suppose if you change your file system, it needs to format the drive partition then once the drive partition is formatted, all the data stored will be vanished from the hard drive. If you have performed this task without having backup of your system data then this condition may lead to huge data loss situation.
  • Bad Sectors:  Suppose if the head of a hard drive crashes with the disk surface constantly, then it will damage to some of the hard disk sectors. The damaged sectors are known as bad sectors. The bad sector effects huge data loss in lots of ways. At this movement if MBR or important operating system files live on such bad sectors, this could result in damage to such files and in partition corruption.

In addition to these scenarios, there are several reasons for data loss. Therefore, if any of the situation encounters then you must need a powerful recovery tool in order to recover lost data.

This data recovery software generally it is used to restore your deleted / lost data from hard disk. This software has the ability to restore all kind of files from hard disk partition. This recovery utility also recovers all types of file from hard disk brands like SATA / SCSI / IDE. It is having ability of recovering more than 300 dissimilar file types. Data recovery software has developed with cultured scanning and recovery algorithms. It never misses even a single file to pass from restoring. The recovery tool has embedded with user-friendly GUI and comes with solid features; supports recover files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions.

Data recovery software is available in trial version to evaluate its capacity. You can download and lunch it. It will scan all the lost data and restores them. If you want to store all deleted data on your hard disk, you need to purchase its full version.