Feasible Solutions to Fix Slow Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is renowned browser developed for Windows, Linux and with a mobile edition for Android Operating System. Most of the users prefer to use it due to its simple user interface. It is the fast browsing application and permits you to open many tabs at a time even after having low data plans. But as days pass on, you start experiencing slow browsing speed even after having better data plans and get depressed on slow browsing speed on Mozilla Firefox. Besides, you need to wait for minutes together when you open two tabs at a time and even encounter problem in downloading a file.

Whenever you come across slow running Firefox, you might change the IP address many times in computer network connection, set the true network.dns Firefox configuration, set home page to blank, plug-ins disabled, etc. Even after performing these steps, if your internet browsing speed becomes slow, then it hurts a lot. No need to worry, you can manually fix sluggish Firefox with the help of below said tricks:

  1. First of all, click on menu button and then click on help  option
  2. From the help menu select Troubleshooting information

Note: In case you are unable to access the Help menu, type about:support in your address bar to land into Troubleshooting Information page

  1. Click on Reset Firefox button in the upper right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page
  2. In order to continue click Reset Firefox in the confirmation window which opens
  3. Firefox will close and be reset. When it is performed, a window will list the information which was imported. Click Finish option and Firefox will open.

In addition this, there are many simple techniques which help you to increase browsing speed are:

Disable Plugins: Plugins assist Firefox manage internet content like Flash, Java, Silverlight and Office and there are many unwanted plugins. Disable unnecessary plugins to improve the browser speed. To achieve this, click on Firefox button and choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu.

The Add-ons Manager opens a new tab. Click the Plugins tab on the left side of the tab. In order to disable each plugin, click the respective Disable button.

Remove extensions: For removing extensions, open the Add-ons Manager, in case it is not already open, click on Extension tab and find the extension you wish to remove in the list. Click on Remove button. In case the restart message displays above the extension title, click on Restart now link to finish the removal operation,

Clear browsing data: For this, go to Firefox button and choose History and clear Recent history from the drop-down menu and then click the down arrow to the left of Details. Choose the check boxes for the items you wish to clear and choose the time range from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box and click on Clear option to remove browsing data.

After following these steps, if you still experience slow browsing speed, then use Remo More tool. It will fix slow Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, Dolphin and Safari browsers. It will optimize all kinds of networks like Cable, DSL, Modem connection, LAN and Wi-Fi. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Operating Systems. It will optimize your network settings and allow you to play videos from YouTube without buffering.

Best Solution to Increase Internet Browsing Speed in Windows 8

Is your internet browsing speed slowing down? Want to know a permanent fix for slow internet issue? Then just read on to know the solution…

For any computer user nothing is distressing than slow internet on Windows 8 computers. Under such circumstances, we have a tendency to blame just network connection! But the fact is not always network issues slow down your internet speed, there do exist other various reasons that cause slow browser speed on Windows 8. It can be cookies, browser history, cache, download list and many more. All this will clog your browser memory in turn reducing your browser speed.

Some of the tips to increase your internet browsing speed:

  • Uninstall the unwanted toolbars
  • Disable the other extensions and other toolbars directly from your browser when not needed
  • Clear browsing history, cache and cookies
  • Reset your browser settings
  • Install the latest version of the browser

These are some of the easy tips to increase your internet browser speed on Windows 8 machines. All these have to be done on regular basis. However, who has time to do all these regularly every now and then? It’s a tedious job isn’t it? What if you get a one-click solution that can easily fix your slow internet issues on Windows 8?

Yes, you heard it right! Using the best Remo MORE utility you can effortlessly speed up your crawling internet speed in just few minutes on Windows 8 machines. The utility is equipped with various powerful algorithms that could easily remove all browser junk with single click. It successfully removes all your cookies, cache items, browser history, saved passwords and other unwanted data hindering browser speed. The utility is compatible to work with any browser like Chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla, and many others.

If you are one looking out to know how increase internet browsing speed in Windows 8, then Remo MORE is the perfect solution. It’s easy to use and descriptive user interface ensures smooth process to enhance browsing speed on Windows 8 machines. Even the novice users can comfortable use the tool without any hindrances. Also, the entire process requires just simple clicks on mouse and your browser speed will be increased drastically.


Standardized Utility to Improve Battery Life on HTC One

HTC is one of the leading Android Smartphone which has similar features as like Samsung Galaxy. Majority of users attracted towards this phone because of its excellent features like good design, simple user interface, data storage capacity, etc. But similar to other phone users, the users of HTC One encounter the same problem of battery drain as a result of many reasons. However, you can increase battery life of HTC One and enjoy with this handset by following below said instructions:

Check your battery usage: Checking your battery usage can assist you to recognize what’s using the most power so that you can decide what to do about it.

Enable sleep mode: You can put your device in sleep mode whenever it is inactive for a certain period of time. When activated, it can turn off your mobile data. To activate it, open Settings, then tap the Power option. There, check the Sleep mode box and you all set.

Disable NFC and Bluetooth: Disable Bluetooth, NFC, mobile data, GPS, etc. and turn them on whenever necessary. Turn on Airplane mode when you do not require any wireless connections and you do not wish to receive messages or calls.

 Adjust BlinkFeed’s Sync settings: BlinkFeed helps you to keep up to date with what’s going on in your social media accounts and news but consume much battery power.

Use Do Not Disturb: Use Do not Disturb feature to avoid interruption from messages, calls and notifications. If you enable this, your phone goes silent.

To enable it, go to Sound menu in settings but it is also possible to access it from Quick Settings pull down. Tapping on the screen can bring up a configuration menu, where you can set up schedules and white-lists for particular contacts.

Manage your display: Lowering the brightness or setting it to sleep when not required and keeping it simple can save battery power. Moreover, use default brightness, set the screen timeout to a lesser time. Avoid using Live wallpaper for your home screen and turn off animation effects to improve battery life.

Manage your apps: Uninstall unwanted apps and install latest software as well as application updates. Disable background running apps. Apps like games, video players and music players can eat more battery. Keep a check on these apps.

Use power saver mode: It comes with a power saver mode under which your phone clocks down the CPU speed, reduces the vibration intensity and turns off data connection when the screen is switched off. This can save battery life period and increase the device speed.

By following above said tweaks you can boost up the battery life on HTC One. However, you need to more perfect and must have deep knowledge of HTC One phone operations and you have to execute these steps regularly. But many do not find time to follow these steps and others forget to perform this. Thus, it is suggested to use Remo More tool. It will improve battery life on HTC One and supports other Android phones. It has automated process, which takes care of your HTC One mobile’s battery.

Spectacular Utility to Get Better Battery Life on Android

In recent days, Android phones started to gain popularity due to their stylish design, quad core processors and user interface. Due to these features, there is need for extra battery power. However, the commonly known problem of these gadgets is battery performance.  As a result of wide usage of the Android Smartphone, its battery reduces. Most of the times, you might play games, listen to songs, browse internet, etc. Hence, the battery gets drained. Sometimes, you need to charge your mobile battery twice or thrice to full battery. Isn’t it a frustrating thing for you? If yes, then your worries end here!! This article ensures a finest solution to improve your Android battery life.

There are many things and tricks to increase your Android battery life power manually, these are:

Make use of darker app backgrounds / themes and darker launcher themes will help you to boost your Android battery life.

Never use display auto-brightness. It looks good but auto-brightness is normally method brighter than you actually need. Always manually set a super low brightness level which is still comfortable and bump it up whenever required.

Turn off vibration: If you really need added awareness, then simply turn on vibration or else turn off vibration. In fact, it requires more power to vibrate your phone than to ring it. Turn off haptic feedback also.

Make use of original batteries: Use respected third party manufacturer batteries to deliver high standard battery performance.

Always set your display’s timeout to as short a time: Consider you have set your screen timeout to a minute, it starts using four times the quantity of power to have it on, every time you switch your screen on than your timeout is set to 15 seconds. Studies report say that average Android phone user turns their phone on 150 times a day, so you need to do exceed that frequency will assist you to speed up battery running longer.

Turnoff GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data whenever you do not need these features. Turn off location data or setting it to use Wi-Fi than GPS works fine. Just turn on Bluetooth and NFC whenever required and do not turn on both Wi-Fi and mobile data all times.

Update your apps: Applications frequently get updated to utilize less battery, so ensure your apps are up to date.

Turn on power saving mode: This is an inbuilt option obtainable in Android device which can control CPU and screen power which uses vibrations to signal which a specific function has been used.

Avoid using live wallpapers: Usage of live wallpapers on your Android Smartphone uses more battery power to run. Hence, disable live wallpapers and utilize normal wallpapers.

Executing above said tasks can help you to save your Android battery life up to 20 to 30%. However, who has time to follow these instructions on daily basis but you need to be aware of these things. In such case, you might think how to get better battery life on Android? Do not worry, now you can fix this issue by means of Remo More software. It has power to speed up your Android battery and can schedule power plans for automatic usage. It makes the whole process very easy and offers step-by-step instructions in the whole process to ease this process. This app is free and is compatible on all editions of Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. Excluding Smartphone, it supports Android tablets like Karbon, Motorola, Samsung, etc. and will not damage your device while executing all operations.

Awesome Software to Password Protect Files on Mac

Are you thinking how to password protect your files on Mac? Are you getting tensed about your personal info being accessed by others? If yes, you can protect files and folders with password. This is the most secured way to keep your sensitive data inaccessible. Hence, just keep security password to those files and the password must be unimaginable to others. In case you do not have idea about how to password protect files on Mac machine, then just read this article.

Password protection to files matters a lot because if you do not protect files with password, then there is a chance that others can misuse your confidential data including family photos, private documents, office projects, etc. Let us illustrate an example for this. Consider you are working on a company project which is secret to others and do not want disclose any info related to project to other office employees, then there is need to use the idea of password protection. In fact, in any organization all computers are shared via network to make communication more effective. Thus, if you are working on such system, you have to safeguard your files with password. In some cases, you may keep crucial files in a USB drive, memory card or in some other storage devices. Since these devices can be shared with others or get stolen by unknown people, then your personal info being accessed by unknown hands. In case you do not like to read or view your private data in home PC, you can password protect files on Mac.

If you lock your files with password then it cannot accessed by others unless you provide appropriate password to it. In Mac OS, there is an inbuilt feature available by which you can hide your files. However, sometimes this method fails. Hence, to provide a trustworthy protection to your files on Mac you need to use a robust utility which lock files with password. When you search for such tool on internet, you may not get info about that tool or may get confused after seeing a list of tools. To avoid this type of confusion and wastage of time, professionals suggested you to employ Remo More software. It really works fine to protect files on Mac with password by providing complex level security. You can lock videos, images, audio and office files on all versions of Mac OS.

It employs passwords to lock the selected files and tell to enter the password if others try to access them without taking your permission. If the password completely matched then only files are accessed. No one can use this tool illegally on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini because it needs a master password to protect files. This password can be created only when you are using it first time. You can employ different password for different files. By using this app you can protect files and folders on USB drive, iPod, memory stick, external HDD, etc. Furthermore, it can remove temporary files, browsing history, unwanted apps, unused programs, removes registry files, duplicate files, defrag HDD and wipe free disk space to boost your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android OS.

What to Do to Speed Up Slow Computer?

Initially when you purchase a new computer, it runs fast with a good speed. It responds very quickly for user’s every action like playing videos, opening files and folders, etc. However, after a certain period of time, same PC consumes more time to perform same tasks. The major reason behind this is, reduction in computer’s efficiency. It does not mean that you have to suffer from slow system and you can speed up your PC by means of various techniques. In fact, system becomes slow as you install more apps and use. If you run any type of app like MS Word, Games, browsing history, etc. hard drive memory full with temporary and junk files can lead to sluggish performance of system. Basically, running disk fragmentation, memory optimization, removing junk files and hidden window registry can help you to get better of PC. The other factors behind slow running computer are unavailability of free hard drive memory space, too many background apps running during boot up time, malicious virus or malware infection to system, etc. Following are other tactics to enhance the speed of computer. Some of them are described as follows: Empty Recycle bin: Sometimes, your Recycle bin is full with unwanted junk files and after deleting some unwanted files from system they do not get delete permanently those files go to temporary storage location called Recycle bin. It is displayed on Desktop and removal of such apps can increase the memory and thus improves the performance. Disable startup applications:  When you start your system, there are some apps start running in background and result in more time to boot the computer. As those apps consume more memory, resource and they can continuously keep running in background can interrupt the process as a result of which if you want to run big app can take more time during startup. Thus, the only way to get rid of such problems is to remove such startup applications. Thus, you will see there is gradual increase in computer’s speed. To perform this task, just go to Start-> Run-> type in “MSCONFIG” and click on OK option. Select against the apps which you want to disable them. Uninstall unwanted apps: Most of the times, you may install many important apps and games on your PC. Some files are written into Windows directory structure and it results in changes in Windows directory. Thus, there is possibility of registry files corruption. To perform this go to Control Panel, “Add or Remove Program” or Programs and Features” icon. Click uninstall against apps which you want to uninstall forever. Find and delete temporary files: When you download and run an application on your computer, some temporary files get created and these files are not needed in future. These files still present in disk which continuously use disk space. Thus, you need to find and delete all temporary files. Nobody has sufficient time to carryout above mentioned tasks. It can help you to speedy computer but it is lengthy process and requires more knowledge about PC. Now, there exists one question “What to do with a Slow Computer?”Do not get fret and use Remo More tool to go with above said instructions. It works on Operating Systems like Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. It systematically scans entire hard drive volume for several issues which can cause  your system run slow. It removes temp files, cookies, browsing history, cookies, download history, etc.

Exclusive App to Speed up Internet Connection on MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is well-known portable PC, which is employed for both business and personal purposes and is developed by Apple Inc. When you purchase a new portable computer, you can see how fast it works. After certain period of time, you may surprise to see there is decrease in its performance. Due to this, you may not able to browse internet or open any application. It hurts a lot when have good data package to browse internet and face slow internet problem. If your browser is consuming several minutes to load a single page, then no need to worry. Just refer this article to know how to increase browser performance.

Slow internet connection is not a major problem but it looks like a great problem because in this advanced world, many people use internet for playing games, downloading movies and songs, etc. However, there are many factors responsible for sluggish internet connection. The first step you need to do is reconnect or re-establish internet connection. If it fails, then your worry begins to rise and then you think how to enhance internet connection on MacBook Pro.

Listed below are some of the major causes for slow internet speed on MacBook Pro:

  • Presence of unnecessary browser junk files such as Cache items, browser history, cookies and Bookmarks, etc.
  • Plenty of unnecessary programs running in background which use system resources
  • Your hard drive is full of unnecessary and unused data
  • Some apps which you have downloaded would block your internet connection on MacBook Pro laptop.

These are major reasons for slow internet speed on MacBook Pro. There are many manual steps help you to fix these issues.

  • Open the DNS servers: It is provided by internet service provider and based on server configuration on your MacBook Pro its performance changes. Making use of some DNS server assists you to improve browser speed and loads web pages without any problem.
  • Reset Safari apps: If your MacBok Pro file system gets corrupted, then Safari browser behaves strange on the laptop. You can resolve this issue by resetting Safari, option is included in Apple itself, which provides fast resetting and it is to be performed by clicking on Reset Safari option provided under Menu.
  • Delete Cache and log files: If you are using Safari browser, it stores all info you have browsed and stores cached and log files which loads webpage without delay when you visit those pages once again. When those pages are modified, they consume much time to load webpage.
  • Remove the AutoFill and fav icons: Removing this will increases your Safari browser speed. Simply go to Safari->Preferences and select AutoFill then select the edit option and erase all the items. Next go to Library->Safari and then Trash the folder named Icons and just restart the Safari.

You can easily clear all the browser junk, unnecessary apps, close background apps, etc. by following these manual methods. The process looks easy but needs regular effort. The main demerit of this process is, it consumes much time and is lengthy process. Thus, it’s the best time to move towards fantastic third party tool called Remo More to overcome slow internet speed problem. If your internet Running Slow on MacBook Pro and other laptops like iMac, MacBook Air and Mac Mini then it easily improves the speed. Furthermore, it speeds up internet connection on well-liked browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. It is a free application and supports operating Systems like Android, Mac and iOS. It is capable to provide on-screen guidelines throughout the process, so novice users to boost slow internet connection on MacBook Pro.

Clean Up Hard Disk with Disk Clean Up on Windows XP

Disk clean up is used to clean up your computer disk space. Once computer gets slow, first thing you need to do is go for disk clean up procedure. Clean up some hard drive space, remove unwanted files and fasten your computer working speed. Usually files get stored inside of your hard drive which are useless. These junk files makes computer slow and stops you to work faster. Disk Clean up is the most convenient way to wipe out old files which is not any longer needful. These junk files remain saved here and there in your hard drive. Disk clean up works to search them from computer hard drive and removes them.

How to work with Disk Clean Up Tool?

Disk Cleanup tool can be availed easily on your system after going to the start menu. Search for Disk Clean Up. Once you get the application, on your computer screen, you need to select the drive. By default the application shows C drive of your computer, although other drives can be selected. After a deep scan of the system drive, it shows the list of the file locations which, need to delete. Each file location contains a check box which you should select in order to remove unnecessary files. Then click OK to confirm file deletion. Within few minutes disk clean up procedure get finished. Check complete details here in this video.


The other procedure for disk cleanup is disk defragment. To do so you need to type in search box “Disk Defragmenter”. As soon as you launch the application select any partition of the drive and continue with disk defragmentation. The other thing you can try to make your computer work faster is uninstalling unwanted application. Select those applications which are not of use and just uninstall them from your system.

These all procedures are quite helpful and trustworthy in case of removing old data from com computer and make it faster. But there are some drawbacks because of which, you may find these processes as difficult. All these procedure need to be done manually. Every time you will have to remember and execute each and every steps of disk clean up manually. And its really quite difficult to maintain in our busy schedule of everyday life. So I have tried other option Remo More, which can make me relief and does the procedure of disk clean up every time by itself. This not only cleanses your computer junk files. It works as the complete guide for your system. Schedule any time to clean up your computer and just relax. Its automatically find, select and cleanses your disk space. What I feel is Remo More is nothing but a one stop solution for all kind of computer issues.

Speed Up Your System Performance

Will you be recognizing that your system is actually performing slowly these days?
Windows visual graphics customization could be among the conditions that decline your computer overall performance.

You must be wondering, how visual graphic inside Microsoft windows will probably decline your computer Overall performance?
The solution is easy. In Microsoft Windows everything that we see is actually a component of this OS, which can be defined as a separate process. Consequently if the customization are the process then they will probably acquire some system resource. If we disable all these visual graphics then some resources will be freed which will raise the entire system overall performance.

You possibly can customize these visual graphic in your way too. Microsoft Windows provides this particular feature for its users. You can go through the procedure to know, how to customize these visual graphic adjustments here in this media.

Under-going this video clip, possibly you have examined the desktop, right after picking Adjust for best performance alternative. Do you love to make use of your Windows desktop that way; that seems as an earlier version of Microsoft Windows?
I am unable to make use of this kind of Screen substitute for just increasing the system overall performance.
And will not recommend one to make use of that alternative.

Why not trying any software to increase overall performance of your respective system? Several software can be obtained on the net. Although to find the one that is perfect in addition to be useful is a tedious task.
For this you have to examine all of the software through the installation.

If it is worthwhile then good, if not then?
Well then, I will sort out this problem by recommending you with the name of the software that is of no cost and is highly relevant to every single Microsoft windows system.
Remo MORE – full-fledged software package that does most of the task which is necessary to increase your computer overall performance.
The best module of this software is actually ‘Do More’. Since its label suggests; the module does many tasks which might be needful for your system to perform well. With merely a click; this module automatically does several tasks.

Some of the tasks I am listing that this module performs, to boost your system performance.

  • It deletes junk documents that are collected over a period time.
  • It offers a control to enable/disable the start up programs to lower your Boot time and increase Boot speed.
  • It removes PC history or recent documents history in order to get back a number of free spaces acquired these history files.

I have outlined very few items, to boost your computer overall performance. Although these are not necessarily the only ones. These outlined points are the ideal and highly relevant to overall performance. Aside from these tasks this particular software does various other jobs which can be seen as:

  • It removes browser temporary files and optimizes your internet connection to give you a better performance while you surf the net.
  • It cleans-up recent document file list, recycle bin documents in addition to Microsoft windows cached documents; improving your file accessing speed.
  • It can recover deleted or lost data by means of Recover module.
  • It offers you to manage you power plan or schedules system shutdown.

Honestly indicating, this particular software genuinely modified my system, it might assist you too.

Must Have Software to Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 is the popular version of Windows, which is launched by Microsoft. It provides faster performance so, most of the users prefer to install it on their system. You can install lot of programs, load with antivirus, download data extremely and browse internet on this system. When the Windows 7 is new, it works fine with greater speed and the problem arises after some days when it loses its speed. Whatever the problem, if your Windows 7 PC takes much time to execute a program, it will be much irritating for anyone. There are many problems behind slow performance of your computer. In this article let us discuss all the scenarios and key solutions to fix your critical issues related to PC.

It is unexpected situation for all users and it is not easy to tolerate such situation. In such stage, most of the users think “how to make Windows 7 run faster?” Leave your queries here and no need to think about your PC’s speed. As every problem has finest end likewise, there is a perfect solution to this intolerable problem. Just make use of Remo More utility to get rid of issues related to speed of Windows 7 and other editions of Windows like XP, Vista, 2003 and 8. This program is very easy to use and it provides a step by step approach to all users for improving their Windows 7 computer speed. It can optimize your PC in less duration of time and helps to resolve all severe problems.

Let us discuss factors behind slow performance of Windows 7:

If the hard drive of Windows 7 system becomes full then it reduces its speed. It is the most effective reason for sluggish speed of Windows 7 PC. To avoid this type of problem, you have to keep 15% of total disk space always free to run it appropriately. In the event, if any of your disk is full and you try to save some data in that disk, then read / write operation will be very slow. In order to make Windows 7 run faster, you should distribute all information in several partitions. It may also ends in your disk filled with enormous amount of junk data.

Computer runs slow if there are so many apps running in background during startup time. In the event, if you add various app in task bar unimportantly, it wastes precious memory of system and minimize its performance. You can delete such programs but it is not easy for both professional and novice users.

If the hard drive of Windows 7 is defragmented severely, it makes the system run slow. The virus infection can also responsible for making your system consume more time to load any programs. This happens when you connect storage device to your PC without scanning by updated antivirus tool. Any type of error while upgrading OS on your computer can make it to lose its speed. Furthermore, Windows 7 runs slow when the registry file of system is corrupted or cluttered with junk data can result in slow start up speed.

Important tips to make PC run faster:

Remove all unnecessary desktop icons to enhance PC speed. If you are starting the PC, it is important to search and display all desktop icons one by one. This procedure can take more time if there are many desktop icons.

Cancel loading of Windows boot screen to enhance system speed.

Delete files and folders from Recycle bin to free up space for appropriate functioning of your PC.

Defrag hard disk time to time as the fragmented files can slowdown your PC performance. Due to fragmented files, the system can eat more time to open files and folders.